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To Be Heard

When my children were younger, I remember hearing this and taking heed to it knowing that it was incredibly important for my children to be heard. I confess that many times in the chaos of raising three kids ages 4 and under and in the busyness of life, I didn’t always get this right. But I tried to make them feel heard and seen at every age of their lives. (Even now as they are adults!)

It’s true that if we don’t listen well to those we have the privilege of raising, or being married to, to our friends and those we rub shoulders with every day, then we miss the “big stuff” that is happening in their lives. We miss being present in the moment as we fill our lives with other things… things that are simply filling our time instead of FULfilling our lives.

Jesus was a listener. Of all people in all of time, Jesus was the One who had all the wisdom and answers to simply “spew” to the masses but when we take a look at His life we see Him listening.

Take for example the woman who was bleeding and thought “if I could just touch His robe” When she did, power went out from Him. His disciples thought that He was crazy when He asked “who touched me” because the crowds were crushing them. But He was in tune to what was going on in and around Him. And He spoke sweet words to the woman who had so much faith. This is just one example in many of how Jesus listened and still listens to us today.

How can you listen today: to your children, your spouse, friends… to Jesus as He whispers to you through nature and His word?

I’d love to hear how you feel led to be present in your life!

As a coach, this is what I do. I listen. I come alongside of; all the while listening to how Jesus is guiding my client and I.

If you have a need to be heard to be seen; to feel valued and FIND your value, to hear from Jesus… I would love the opportunity to help you find that in your day to day living.

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