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Living intentionally & vibrantly in every season

Examples of Coaching sessions (but not limited to:)

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Premarital Coaching

  • Marriage - helping your marriage thrive not just survive

  • Physical Well Being ~ Nutrition and Exercise

  • Emotional well being ~ What's holding you back?

  • Embracing the season you are in currently 

  • Walking from shame into freedom (past sin, strongholds)

  • Moving past difficult circumstances 

  • Financial stability

  • Simply living ~ Overly busy? Say your best yes 

  •  Find your God-given gifts

  • Find your purpose ~ living the best life for which you were created

  • Listening to God's voice not others ~ confident, positive thinking (not worrying about what other people think of you)

... and more!  

  • Available online

    Quick meet & greet to make sure we are a good fit

    15 min

  • Available online

    Live Intentionally & Flourish

    50 min

    60 US dollars

15 minute

Online or in person 
individual sessions

In person
group course

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