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Live Intentionally & Flourish

It is my joy to bring my love and passion of scripture and my heart for women who are hurting or feel stuck in any given area or circumstance of their lives together.


I’ve had the privilege of being a Christian lay life coach and a Christian women’s event speaker for many years. I’ve also had the profound delight of leading Bible Studies to women for close to 30 years.


Oswald Chambers says: "Make your ultimate purpose in your life your relationship with God." I wholeheartedly agree. When I am living my life with my heart set on God’s sovereign work in my life, I can live each day trusting Him even through devastating seasons. 


My goal as your coach is to come alongside of you, through scripture, to help you find your gifts, to help you through a rough patch, and/or to help you move forward to live your fullest potential for Christ this side of heaven! 



American Association of Christian Counselors: Advanced Certificate in Christian Life Coaching

AACC: Caring for People God's Way course

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