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Memorial Day

Many people do not know that I grew up on military bases traveling the world as a child of a soldier. I’ve lived in numerous states and two tours in Germany. Civilians cannot understand military life and feelings that are invoked when I see a soldier in fatigues, a convoy rolling down the highway or a picture like this. Living in military housing these things and many more were a daily part of my life - when my dad retired and we moved into civilian life, it was a shock. The life I grew up in instilled a deep sense of pride for our country, a deep love for America. I can be moved to tears by seeing a flag flying in the wind, driving through a small town where people sit on their porches and wave hi to each other, a picnic where music is playing and everyone comes out to love on one another, a soldier saying goodbye to his family: anything that screams love for our country. I remember seeing my dad in uniform everyday and how proud I was (and still am) that he served our country. A soldiers life is not easy and once they are out of the military, a veterans life continues to not be easy: the nightmares of war, the health issues because of agent orange, or limbs lost….. the list goes on of the sacrifices made - emotional, mental, physical. I believe that growing up this way instilled a deep love for Jesus in me - seeing “laying down your life for your friends” up close and personal and realizing the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for us. So on this Memorial Day, say a prayer for those who are serving and for their families, their lives are not their own, they’ve given up their freedoms to allow us ours, thank a soldier for their service, remember our veterans, hold your loved ones a little tighter today knowing that a lot of men and women are fighting for you to have the life we all have and praise God as He is our ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Dad for your sacrifice, for your service to our country. Truly, May God bless this beautiful country of of ours ❤️

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