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Live Intentionally & Flourish


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Studying the Bible has been my passion for more than 25 years. I have the privilege of teaching the Word at my home church while coming alongside women as they struggle, learn and grow in their faith.

It is my pleasure to bring God's Word to anywhere He leads me; I cannot wait to meet you!

Retreat Topics

Below Are A Few Topics That Are Close To My Heart
That I Would Love To Share With You:

  • Changing Hearts, Changing Lives~ The Potter and the Clay

  • Women of the Genealogy of Christ from Matthew

  • If your Child has been Sexually Abused (with or without my son who has a personal abuse testimony)

  • Marriage (with or without my husband)

  • Finances (with husband only)

  • Shame

  • The Joy of Studying your Bible ~ Why? How? ~ The blessings!

  • Any person or group of people in the Word

  • Any doctrine of the Bible ~ sorrow, joy, peace, grace, love, prayer, etc.

  • Breaking strongholds

  • Key lessons from My Utmost for His Highest

  • Any book of the Bible

  • Spiritual Gifts - What is Yours? How to allow God to use them.

  • Leaving a Godly legacy to your children and grandchildren

  • Any Custom Topic

Speaking Events

  • Mother of Preschooler's (MOPS)

  • Women's weekend retreats

  • Mother/daughter events

  • Women's leadership training 

Speaking Fees

Please contact me for further information regarding fees.

  • Weekend retreats -​ Fees will vary based on specifications for events (overnight retreats, travel expenses, accommodations, etc.) 

  • Local speaking events - 1 day speaking engagement (within 3 hours of Washington D.C. area)​​​ 

She was truly a blessing this weekend. It was wonderful to grow in the Lord with such a Godly woman. Thank you for reaching outside of your comfort zone and gifting us with your words!

Amanda Stoddard

At a speaking engagement for a women's conference in New York, October:

Kimberly blessed our socks off. God moved in a mighty way.  

Julie V. 

Ginger Meredith

Kimberly has been such a blessing in my life. In my early twenties, I started participating in Bible studies she was leading. Every week was better than the week before with Kimberly dedicating so much time to be prepared, asking the Lord to speak through her. I knew that every prayer request I gave was important to her and was lifted up. As the years have gone by, I have come to love her as one of my mentors and my friend. When I am in the middle of a tough decision and looking for biblical wisdom, I often find myself asking Kimberly to come along side me. She is such a source of truth (sometimes hard truth), hope and so much love! Thankful is an understatement for the impact she has had in my life. Vicki Reeping

She was truly a blessing this weekend. It was wonderful to grow in the Lord with such a Godly woman. Thank you for reaching outside of your comfort zone and gifting us with your words!

For the past ten years, I have attended Kimberly’s bible studies. I appreciate her love for ALL of our DBC ladies and her knowledge of the Word. Within our small groups, I have learned that it is OK to take risks! My confidence has grown. Thank you Kimberly.

Judy Sowada

As a member of the same church body for fifteen years, I have participated in Bible studies led by Kimberly and have been personally touched by her desire to meaningfully communicate God’s Word, pursue HIs Truth, and love his people. I know ministering to women has a special place in her heart, whether they are new believers or life-long sisters in Christ. Her teaching is a perfect balance of being diligent and prepared to share what she has studied and encouraging meaningful interaction with those in her studies as we pursue God’s truth together. In addition, she makes a point of getting to know people on a personal level, sharing her own joys and trials and supporting others through theirs.  Being acquainted with Kimberly Guy and impacted by her ministry has been a blessing in my life. 

Tracy Hauri

Kimberly leads our bible study in a way that always sticks to Biblical truths. she makes the other ladies and me feel comfortable sharing and asking questions in the bible study. she shares her own life challenges and how God has been faithful through them. Kimberly has a testimony that is uplifting and encouraging and a sweet, compassionate personality that invites others to share their own struggles and victories. it has been a pleasure to attend her study for the last several years as I have learned about putting the word of God into action and living it out on a daily basis. Brenda Sperbeck

The women’s ministry team from the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg was pleased to ask Kimberly Guy to be the featured speaker for our fall, 2015 Women’s Retreat here in WNY (four sessions over two days). It was her first “paid gig” as a conference speaker, and you would never have known! She was like a pro! The overwhelming response to Kimberly was that she was a wonderful speaker! She was engaging, sincere, and had much enthusiasm for the Lord and His Word. Her faith was woven throughout her testimony and teaching times that proved to be very strong and genuine. She made herself available for prayer/further discussion after each session and easily made new friends herself over the weekend, due to her open and inviting personality. Her beautiful smile and light-hearted way of engaging with the women listening made each session fun - yet her teaching was solid and her testimony, very moving. We highly recommend Kimberly as a speaker for any occasion! 


Discovering an individual who can effectively communicate on multiple levels is like seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world. Kimberly Guy is one of those rare gifts from God.  First and foremost she communicates absolute authenticity because she is humble, gentle and sincerely real with her savior Jesus. She is believable because she is both vulnerable and possesses a faith in Christ that has been greatly tested by fire. Kimberly is an excellent communicator of truth because she is an ardent student of the Bible and is gifted in speech. We have a hunch that the Apostle Paul would describe Kimberly as a “living letter” who communicates “not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction.” My wife and I have been in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years and we would be hard pressed to recommend another more highly than this woman of God.  Steve and Sherrie Pettit, President of Big World Project; Former Pastor of Derwood Bible Church

Steve and Sherrie Pettit, President of Big World Project; Former Pastor of Derwood Bible Church

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