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Unwrapping the names of Jesus

Happy new year everyone. I am finishing up another advent devotion today. This one is called “Unwrapping the names of Jesus” by Asheritah Ciuciu.

The last two names that I studied from this devotion was that Jesus was a man of sorrows and the Lamb of God.

“Physical emotional and spiritual anguish that Christ bore for us on the cross was horrific. But there was no plan B. He willingly and humbly walked into his suffering and every moment that he hung on the cross was a whispered “yes” to this painful path.

This path ended years of the sacrificial system that was instituted by God himself of slaughtering animals to atone for our sins. From the first sacrifice recorded in scripture when God slaughtered an animal to clothe Adam and Eve, covering them and their sins at the animals express, to God providing a ram for Abraham at the top of the mountain instead of having to kill his son Isaac, and then needing to put blood from a sacrificial lamb over the door posts of their homes to protect their firstborns from being killed.

The sacrificial system of making atonement for the Israelites sins every single year was limited.

The Lamb of God came to fulfill and supersede the sacrificial system. His death on the cross atoned for all of humankinds sins once and for all, through faith in Jesus!

This is not a blind forgiveness but violent justice, not cheap grace but costly grace. This is not temporary oversight, but eternal reconciliation. God does not ignore our sins; he acknowledges them and makes provision for them through his own son. The Lamb of God makes possible our relationship with God.”

I pray that as we turn another page, into another year, that we would all take stock of where we stand with Jesus and fall down on our knees in worship and thanksgiving for loving us enough to come to this earth as a man, willing being tormented, ridiculed, and killed for us and rising to sit at the right hand of God, atoning once and for all for our sins until He comes to take us to our eternal home ️

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